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FCS-00069: Linear Control Theory (summer)


Description:Linear homogeneous systems of differential and difference equations of first order. Stability and asymptotic stability of linear continuous-time and discrete-time systems. Different representations of control systems. Controllability. Criteria of controllability. Observability. Ctriteria of observability. Realization problem for continuous-time and discrete-time systems. Different variants of realization problem. Realization of input-output map. Realization of transfer matrix and equation of higher order. Minimal realizations. Uniqueness. Isomorphic realizations. Feedback. Stabilization and stabilizability of continuous-time and discrete-time systems. Relations between controllability and stabilizability. Detectability and observers. Canonical forms and transformations of control systems. Systems on time scales.

Requirements:Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry, Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry 2, Calculus 1, Differential and Difference Equations

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Zbigniew Bartosiewicz (

NOTE: This module is also available in WINTER